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Thank you for your support! We are so excited to tell you more about the East Biloxi Food Market and ways you can support opening a grocery cooperative in East Biloxi.


Imagine in just a year or two, we could be opening a new grocery cooperative in East Biloxi that could look like the ones featured in this publication by Food Cooperative Initiative featuring locally grown produce, locally made products, fresh deli, bulk and zero waste stations, community education programs and so much more. 

Grocery cooperatives are actually more successful than traditional grocery stores. And unlike traditional stores, our goal is to expand access to healthy food while keeping the profits in our community and prioritizing local and regional small and minority farmers and businesses. 

With your help the East Biloxi Food Market cooperative grocery store can be ours. Together we decide what it looks like and what is stocked on the shelves, and together we all profit. It is ours to build, to own, and share in its success. 

Here are the ways you can make a difference:


Become a member owner. With the purchase of one equity share  of $100, you can become a member owner of our store. This means you get a say in our operations and benefit from the profits through member only savings and patronage refunds. Payment plans are available. Click here to learn more.


Volunteer. As a volunteer, you can help us with our efforts to engage residents of East Biloxi. Click here to sign up today!

Host a party/informational session. Host a fun and informative session with your friends, family, co-workers, church, social clubs, etc. Email us at to learn more. Some of our member-owners host lunch-ins or free yoga and healthy cooking classes. The possibilities are endless!


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Thanks again for your interest and support! We will keep you posted on our progress and ways you can get involved. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or ideas to share! In the meantime, feel free to email us at or contact our Interim Board President, Jeff Moore at 765-603-0386

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