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Fruit Stand

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When you join our Community Empowerment Organization, you will be helping to increase access to healthy foods in East Biloxi. And once the store opens, you will save money while supporting a robust local food economy, sustainable practices, and community programs. You become a part-owner of the East Biloxi Food Market because we are owned and operated by our community members.


To become a member-owner, fill out a membership form and submit payment for a one-time equity share of $100 plus a non-refundable $5.00 administration service fee. There is no requirement to volunteer your time or work at the EBFM to become a member. Once paid in full, your $100 share purchase is refundable should you move away or change your mind. You only join once — there are no reoccurring annual fees.

Everyone Is Welcomed!

New Member Registration

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